As I recall this life changing part of my life I remember feeling paralyzing fear, confusion, judgement and sadness.  Writing my story it is almost like I am watching a movie where I am the lead actress.  I remember asking myself questions like ‘why me?’ and ‘what did I do to deserve this?  These questions no longer plague me.  I truly believe I was to live through this so that I could share what happened to me and help others deal with tragic events that they may have encountered. 

If you are reading this I thank you for taking this journey with me as I share some very personnel events in my life.  I will be adding what could be called chapters as we take this trip together.  I will post on Facebook when I have added something.

This is a form of therapy for me as I relive some of the things that I wish I could forget.  Life doesn’t always turn out like we want but what really matters is what we do with these events.  Today I choose to accept them and stop letting them define me.  I choose to define the person I am and use this event as a stepping stone to become the person I WANT TO BE.

Recently I was sitting at the airport when I noticed a lanyard that the pilot next to me was wearing.  It was a saying he came up with and it went like this.  ‘Limits, like fear, are often an illusion.’ If I think about fear as an illusion it takes away its power, and if I look at limitations I set for myself as illusions that means anything and everything is possible.  That is the last thought I want to leave you with as we begin this trip together.

‘Limits, like fear, are often an illusion.’


Read Chapter 1  “Paralyzed by Fear”