Shirley Watral is a firearms instructor with an NRA certification, an empowerment motivational speaker for women, and author of Amazon bestseller Heels to Holster.

After a long career as a senior manager with Florida County Government, she decided to create a new path for her future. After being introduced to a local gun club, she began to pursue learning as much as she could about shooting and firearms safety; that was nine years ago. Today, she is proud to say she has taken dozens of classes and has conducted many training sessions for both men and women.

Watral has developed a passion for educating women on how to handle firearms safely and be able to defend themselves when needed. She is an advocate for firearms safety classes for our youth and believes many accidents could have been prevented with proper training.

Her interest in firearms led her to become the general manager of a Florida gun range for two-and-a-half years. She is a 3-gun competition shooter and has competed in Florida and several out-of-state matches.

She’s served on several committees that support First Responders, and Veterans. Since completing her book Heels to Holster, her passion is to help other survivors of domestic violence.

Watral serves as the DC Project Florida state director. DC Project is a non-partisan organization of women for gun rights with their focus on developing relationships with lawmakers and defending the Second Amendment with education not legislation. She is also the secretary on the Board of Women’s Outdoor Media Association (WOMA) which focuses on increasing media attention for women in the fields of shooting, hunting, fishing and archery.

Her desire to teach and speak led to the development of her current business, where she empowers others by sharing her own life story. She wants to encourage women to build positively upon whatever has happened to them and become the person they aspire to be. 

She is available for bookings all across the USA.


Courses Completed

NRA Instructor

NRA Range Safety Officer

BAT Defense Aerial Target Interdiction

Bushido Tactical Defense Rifle/Carbine Readiness – Level 1

Defensive Handgun Readiness – Level 1

Advanced Concealed Handgun – Level 2

Basic Gun Shot Wound Care Course

ALTAIR Tactical 3Gun

Mike Seeklander Competition Handgun – Level 1

Mike Seeklander Competition Handgun – Level 2

Robert Vogel Basic IDPA Skills Course

JOMAR Low Intensity Pistol Shooting

JOMAR Tactical High Intensity Pistol Shooting

ALTAIR Molon Labe

Costa Ludus Handgun Elements Theory 1

ALTAIR Tactical Carbine 1

ALTAIR Tactical Carbine 2

Women On Target Firearms Education & Marksmanship Orientation

ALTAIR Tactical Pistol 1

ALTAIR Tactical Pistol 2

Babes with Bullets 3Gun Camp with Kay and Lena Miculek

Keith Garcia 3Gun Course

Shirley Watral