NRA Florida State Conference

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DC Project – Women for Gun Rights

The inaugural NRA Florida State Conference took place this past weekend. It is uplifting and inspiring whenever I am around like-minded people that believe in the Constitution and support the Second Amendment. I was honored to have been asked to speak at this event. I shared my story of surviving domestic violence, and how exercising my Second Amendment right gave me the ability to stop letting fear hold me hostage in my home.

Knowing how that first firearms class affected my life, it was only natural that I became a 2A advocate and joined DC Project. DC Project is a nationwide organization of non-partisan women defending our right to bear arms. Our members are from all different walks of life, religion, race, and financial status. We join together to become the counter visual, counter voice of the Bloomberg funded gun grabbing women that run around in red t-shirts (Mom’s Demand Action). 

DC Project is built on three pillars; education, preservation and advocacy.

We believe education is the key to safety, not legislation. It is important to educate men, women and children on how to handle a firearm. We need to educate our legislature that gun control bills prevent good people from protecting themselves and their loved ones and give criminals the advantage. Criminals, by definition, break laws, so how does creating more laws make anyone safer? Can you think of a gun control bill that stopped a mass killing or helped a woman defend herself against a domestic violence attack or prevented the assault by a person who is a habitual criminal? We need the legal system to prosecute those that break the law and stop putting them back on the streets.

It is important that we preserve the Second Amendment so we can save America’s gun culture for future generations. This includes competitive shooting sports, hunting and self-defense.

Advocacy is necessary to preserve our right to keep and bear arms. Since the beginning of 2019, 3.5 million women have purchased a firearm for the first time, and not far behind were the 4 million men who did so. We all need to become advocates and make sure our voices are heard. I used to think, how is my one voice going to make a difference? I learned, through my involvement in DC Project, that my voice can make a difference and so can yours. If each of us contacts our legislatures when a bill comes up that is going to infringe on our right to bear arms, we are no longer a single voice. Make that call, send that email or, better yet, go visit your representatives both State and Federal. If they aren’t available, then talk to their aides. The people we have elected need to know what we want. If they are doing their jobs, they will defend the Constitution they swore to uphold and vote according to the voice of their constituents, which are you and me.

Join a Second Amendment advocacy group like NRA and DC Project or join multiple groups. We need to stand together to keep America strong and keep the Constitution alive.

I am the Florida State Director for DC Project and I am working to inspire others to join us and save American gun culture for future generations. If you are interested in becoming a member or making a donation, please go to

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