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Shirley Watral was a successful IT manager with a new relationship which seemed to be everything she hoped for until signs began to point negative. As she tried to ease her way out, his grasp became stronger, a warning sign she did not recognize at the time but which would devolve into being held hostage and worse. Her life plunged into the terror of domestic abuse. Though she took steps to save herself, her life spiraled down as he set out to make her stay or punish her, through criminal and cunning methods as he enlisted other unwitting people to get information on her movements.

This is the story of a woman who found the courage to let others help her get away and to finally realize that waiting for someone to come to her rescue was the wrong approach. The trail of events- through fear, plots, and legal wrangling – leads her to the tough realization she needs to rise and become her own superhero, which she did.

The fact she wrote this account underscores that she lived through the experience, but more than that, she found a way to put the horrific period in its place. She figured out how to thrive and shine a light on a map for others to do the same. This is the story of spirit, appreciation, and survival of a woman who found her inner warrior as she encourages you to find yours.

Many people may not understand that physical abuse leaves more than bruises, cuts and broken bones that eventually heal and are not visible. It is the mental and emotional wounds that don’t go away and can’t be seen by others. These wounds are felt by the victim and they must deal with them alone.   In an effort to help abused women find their inner warrior and become strong, confident women, Shirley will donate a percentage of the profits from the sales of her book to nonprofit organizations with a mission to help women reclaim their lives.

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