Chris’ Memorial

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I have been neglecting my blog time lately. My focus has been writing my ‘Heels to Holster’ story in an effort to help other women that may have gone through some physical or mental abuse or may be going through it now.

It has been about a month since I went to Pennsylvania to bury my sister. That was a tough time for me. The trip to the cemetery was a bit of a punch in the gut for me. I am not sure how else to describe it. When I physically saw the names of my immediate family on headstones in the same cemetery I felt very alone.

That feeling soon left when I received a huge hug from my nephew Scott. I knew that even though my mom, dad, sister and brother were no longer on this earth he would be there for me. His words to me “You are not alone; you have me” took away that feeling of loneliness. It was an emotional time and I am so glad that my nephew was there to help me through it. He did all the planning of the service, burial and get together afterwards. He is a lot like his mom, very kind, considerate and giving. I treasure the time I spent with him and his wife, Connie, and their dog, Gomi, during this trip.

The day before the service Scott and I spent finalizing plans with the church, funeral home and cemetery. It was a Deja vu day. All the places we went to we were there five years ago for my mom’s service. It was a bitter sweet day. There were moments when something unexpected would happen and we would look at each other and laugh. Those were the moments we knew Chris and my mom would be laughing at us.

My sister was an independent woman that raised two boys on her own. She was the most caring and giving person I have ever known. Some people are born with the warrior instinct and others have that ability to care for others. I am not sure where I fit but I know my sister was of the caregiver instinct.

Even though my family is gone from this physical world I know they will always be in my heart. I know this has been said many times in many ways but it is true, you don’t want to take life for granted or the time you have available to spend with others. Take time for your family and friends and the people that are a positive influence on you. They are truly priceless moments and you will cherish them all your life.

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