You Never Know Where You Can Get A Life Lesson

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Today I was at a 3Gun match and was disqualified (DQ) when I fell and my gun came out of my holster. You never want to get a DQ at a match but if you compete enough there is the chance you will get one. Just like in some of life’s events you have a choice, you can embrace it and look for the positive or you can sulk and feel sorry for yourself. I will admit I have done both in my life. I have found it may take more work to look for the positive but it is worth it. I may not do it perfectly every time but I keep trying.

After my DQ I made the decision to embrace it and enjoy the rest of the day with the people in my squad and be glad it was a local match. There was also a resolution to my equipment failure that I would not have known about had it not happened that day when Derrick from Advanced Firearms Solution was on my squad. That is two positive things out of my DQ so far. I am going for three now.

It is customary when you get a DQ at a 3Gun match to go to Dairy Queen (DQ) for ice cream. Instead I decided to get a pint of Ben & Jerry’s fudge brownie ice cream on the home for my version of Dairy Queen ice cream.

My life lesson today is to take life’s DQ’s and look for the positive in them. After you do that, find a way to celebrate your choice of positivity and continue to enjoy life. Remember that the events that happen in your life do not define you. I have learned that what happens in my life does not define me. You may see this statement repeated in my blogs. I repeat it as a reminder to myself and maybe help someone else that is going through some tough times. These events may help me to become the person I am but they do not define me. They are merely chapters in my life.

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